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CAD Bathroom Design

When you work with us here at All Water Solutions we like to start of your project by designing your project with CAD Bathroom Design. This helps you to see the potential of what’s possible in your space. We can work together through options until you are happy with the design before the real work starts.


By using ArtiCAD designed specifically for Bathrooms and plumbing work we are able to show you a fully rendered 3d picture of what your room will look like before work commences.

  • Saves time in producing plans and elevations. Provides all the detail needed for fitters, but can minimise detail in plans provided to customers.
  • Saves time in showing an image that customers can readily understand.
  • Shows customers exactly how their bathroom will look including door styles, wood grains, tiling, reflections, lighting and shadows.
  • You can include views from customer’s windows, their pictures on the wall, or your own specific wood grains and tiling finishes.
  • Get accurate information every time for ordering or manufacture.
  • Makes it easy for customers to see what they will be getting, easing the sale, and reducing the proportion of remedial orders due to customers not understanding your proposal
  • Allows your customer to experience your proposed design in more exciting ways

Here are some further examples of what is possible with ArtiCAD, if you would like to see your own CAD Bathroom Design designed like this contact Darron & Lisa for more information.